Monday, February 13, 2012

Climbing through Monday

1:00 seated Climb
1:00 standing climb
1:00 seated climb
1:00 standing climb
do the above as one 4 minute non-stop climb, heavy resistance

ATTACKS:enough resistance to support your body weight...think about attacking a hill, lifting your knees and pedals and working hard. Picture your bike moving up a hill
:10 out of saddle attacks
:10 in saddle
repeat 3 times total with out stopping. Working in and out of saddle
Do this Attack interval 3 times with break in-between each interval

:15 sprints X 8 with the rest of your choice in-between sprints

8 QUICK: each leg revolution counts as one pedal stroke, stand and complete 8 quick pedal strokes and sit down. You will have :10 to complete the 8 quick pedal strokes and just like a lap in the pool, if you finish before the :10 is up you get to rest. Do this every :10 for one minute
8 quick, every :10 for 1:00

LOW CLIMBS: resistance is somewhere in-between a heavy climb and a flat road. I describe it as "feeling the road but able to keep the beat of the music" It is a challenge but not impossible to keep the beat
1:00 low climb seated
1:00 low climb standing

JUMPS: moving fluidly in and out of the saddle
Jumps :30 and jog for :30...alternate these for 5:00

I used John Sines aerobics music for this routine and I rean it through my i-phone AP called tempo magic which allows me to change the BPM easily using my i-pod.

Have fun! caroline

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Robin S and Jason here

Two generations meet over music... recently, while listening to my 12 year old's radio station of choice, I  heard a song that had parts that sounded familiar.  This happens a lot lately I guess....lots of music sampling and such happening.  I heard it a few more times and decided to check it out on i-tunes but didn't know the name of the song.  I already owned the "sampled song" which was Show me Love by Robin S.  So one day I played the Robin S. song and asked, "which hip hop song has this in it?"  Right away my daughter recognized the song as Jason Derulo's Don't Wanna Go Home.  It was cool to connect with my child over music!  We both love the song and I have used it in my classes this week.  See link to the two songs I discussed in this blog.  If you are interested in the entire playlist that I made using this song, go to  The playlist can be found listed under  "Routines" as "flat attack i-mix" can also search for it under routines.  I am going to keep an ear out for more songs, that I like, that contain a bit of the past and the present....if you click on the title of this entry, robin s and jason d, you will be directed to i-tunes where u can listen to and compare both songs

Sunday, March 27, 2011

S & M Pressure

This week I have mixed new music with a few classics.  I just love S & M by Rihanna!  The beat is awesome but the words...hmmmm....but still a good song.  I also added an old favorite, Under Pressure by Queen.  This is a great climb song and most people know the words and enjoy this song over and over.  To see the entire playlist, click on the title of this post "S & M Pressure" and you will be directed to i-tunes or go to you can find a routine called "Forget U cycling"....there is a link on the routine page that will take you directly to i-tunes where you can browse the other songs on this most recent playlist.    I hope that you are enjoying the ideas found on music for cycling!  Caroline