Monday, February 13, 2012

Climbing through Monday

1:00 seated Climb
1:00 standing climb
1:00 seated climb
1:00 standing climb
do the above as one 4 minute non-stop climb, heavy resistance

ATTACKS:enough resistance to support your body weight...think about attacking a hill, lifting your knees and pedals and working hard. Picture your bike moving up a hill
:10 out of saddle attacks
:10 in saddle
repeat 3 times total with out stopping. Working in and out of saddle
Do this Attack interval 3 times with break in-between each interval

:15 sprints X 8 with the rest of your choice in-between sprints

8 QUICK: each leg revolution counts as one pedal stroke, stand and complete 8 quick pedal strokes and sit down. You will have :10 to complete the 8 quick pedal strokes and just like a lap in the pool, if you finish before the :10 is up you get to rest. Do this every :10 for one minute
8 quick, every :10 for 1:00

LOW CLIMBS: resistance is somewhere in-between a heavy climb and a flat road. I describe it as "feeling the road but able to keep the beat of the music" It is a challenge but not impossible to keep the beat
1:00 low climb seated
1:00 low climb standing

JUMPS: moving fluidly in and out of the saddle
Jumps :30 and jog for :30...alternate these for 5:00

I used John Sines aerobics music for this routine and I rean it through my i-phone AP called tempo magic which allows me to change the BPM easily using my i-pod.

Have fun! caroline